About the Author

 David De John the author of “What’s in my  Water?” has been called upon as the expert to review Department of  Health investigation reports on water quality by the media, a key note  speaker at medical conferences, along with being a speaker at numerous  public venues.

"What’s in my Water?" has been used as training  material by some of the largest water filtration companies in the  country along with being distributed to consumers as educational  information by the companies.

Prior to writing “What’s in my  Water?” David owned multiple water filtration locations in the Midwest.  It was during that time that he saw a report from that said  approximately One Million people become ill every year and an estimated  100,000 people die due to infectious drinking water and referenced the  Center for Disease Control (CDC). This started David on his quest to  find the truth about our nation’s drinking water quality. This quest led  him to research through thousands of pages of information and data from  the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Center for Disease  Control (CDC), the American Journal of Public Health, the Department of  Public Health and many more sources.  At the request of numerous  associates David compiled the important elements of his research into a  report that led to the writing of "What's in my Water?"