What's in my Water?

Is Your Drinking Water Really As Safe As You think it Is?

EPA Drinking water violations are shocking

  • The  EPA reported there were 8,522 violations for health based standards  reported by Water Supply Systems and 17,519 Water Supply Systems were in  violation for failure to monitor or submit a report on contaminants in  their water. Consider that number 17,519 Water Supply Systems around the country did not even monitor or report their findings in one year.  
  • The EPA states the following about Health Based Violations:
    “A health-based violation means that either a system has exposed their users to what EPA has judged as an unreasonable risk of illness, or a system has failed to treat their water to the extent EPA has judged necessary to protect their users from an unreasonable risk of illness in  the event that the regulated contaminant is present in source water”

EPA drinking water contaminant monitoring

  •  The EPA has set 2 drinking water contaminant levels, the MCLG  (Maximum Contaminant Level Goal) which is the level below which there is  no known or expected risk to people's health and allows for a margin of  safety. BUT, according to the EPA's own documents, they do not enforce  that contaminant level. The 2nd level the MCL (Maximum Contaminant  Level) which is the level the EPA enforces allows 33 contaminants to  exceed the lower MCLG level The higher MCL level is the contaminant  level the EPA enforces. 

Pregnant women, children, infants, frail elderly, chemo and HIV/AIDS patients at higher risk

  • "Some  people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than  the general population. Children and infants, pregnant women and their fetuses, the frail elderly, people undergoing chemotherapy or living  with HIV/AIDS, and transplant patients can be particularly at risk for  infections… If you have special health care needs, consider taking  additional precautions with your drinking water…"

College nursing text book state:

  •  College  Nursing Text Books are teaching that  long term consumption of  contaminants in Drinking Water found primarily in Wells (private or  municipal) could cause Parkinson Disease  

EPA reports cancer causing chemicals in some drinking water around the country

  •   The EPA states there are potential cancer causing contaminants in  drinking  water in areas throughout the country. In fact a State  Department of  Environment in connection with the EPA and a county  Health Dept released  information showing how many possible cases of  fatal cancer can be  expected from a specific contaminant found in the  drinking water in  areas around the country.  

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Resources

  • The  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that  Women/Girls  "Drinking" or "Swimming" in unclean water can cause:
    - Reproductive Problems (like infertility, can happen after drinking polluted water for a long period of time)
    - Developmental Problems  (like learning disabilities can happen after drinking dirty water for a long period of time)
    - Vomiting or Diarrhea, A Sick Stomach, Skin Rashes
    - Cancer (like Leukemia, can happen after drinking bad water for a long time.

Skin absorption from bathing, showering and swimming

  •  Skin Absorption is a leading cause of contaminants entering your body, (from  showering, bathing & Swimming). Showering is suspected as the  primary cause of elevated chloroform in nearly every home because of the  chlorine in the water 

Bottled water isn't what you think It Is

  •  According  to EPA reulations, water coming from a municipal water system going to  the public MUST be disinfected and filtered. The FDA bottled water  regulations have NO regulations for disinfecting and filtering bottled  water. 

Lead in drinking water is worse than realize

  • Lead in water is a very serious situation. But it's not just from the municipal water supply system that sends you the water.   ouses built before the mid 1980s used lead in their water pipes that over time could start leaching into the water. Even houses built after that could still have lead in the fittings.