The EPA reported the 3 following shocking facts:

8,522 violations for health-based standards reported by Water Supply Systems in One Year

1,922 Violations for Water Supply Systems failing to use proper techniques to remove contaminants

17,519 Violations for Water Supply Systems failure to monitor or submit a report on contaminants


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People are shocked to learn homes built before the mid 1980s could have lead in their pipes.

The EPA showed there was over 44,000 homes with lead in their water just in the state I live in.

By the way, homes built after the mid 1980s could still have lead in their water fixtures

The typical filtration process also can not remove the Cryptosporidium bacteria. Which affected 400,000 people in Milwaukee.

I also found cities around the country with dangerous levels of Radium 226 & 228 (radiation)

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Data regarding the EPA reported violations was compiled during the research for a previous book revision and is not from 2020.