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Are there long term health affects to your drinking water?

Is your tap water or bottled water making your family sick?

Since 2004 water supply companies around the country have provided approximately 49 Million people with water containing illegal concentrations of chemicals such as arsenic or radioactive substances such as Uranium and dangerous bacteria which is often found in sewerage.

Could the upset stomach, cramps, vomiting, bloating or diarrhea that a family member had
be from the drinking water?

The EPA has estimated a ratio for additional lifetime risk of Cancer from drinking water with a specific Contaminant that at the time of writing this book was exceeding the Maximum Contaminant Level "MCL" in 45 Public Water Supplies in Illinois alone.

The EPA has established TWO different contaminant levels for water. The "MCLG" (Maximum Contaminant Level Goal) is set at a level at which there is no known risk to human health.  But it is not enforceable by the EPA. The "MCL" (Maximum Contaminant Level) which is enforceable by the EPA can allow contaminant levels that exceed the "MCLG". In other words, even when the public water supply systems are within the "MCL" (Maximum Contaminant Levels), the water is allowed to contain contaminants which exceed the levels at which there is no knowm risk to human health.

There are now over 53,000 "Dangerous" chemicals being used in America and only about 70 contaminants are regulated by the EPA. How many of the 53.000 plus chemicals can be leaching into your water supply?

High Risk Groups of People:

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stated "Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. People undergoing chemotherapy, or living with HIV/AIDS, transplant patients, children and infants, the frail elderly and pregnant women and their fetuses can be particularly at risk for infections...." (1)


Chemical limits in drinking water are established based on the adverse affects of that one chemical on a human's body. What happens if there is more than 1 chemical in your drinking water?  What if there are 2, 5 or 10 dangerous chemicals in the drinking water? How does the combination and increase in toxins from these chemicals affect the human body? With over 53,000 dangerous chemicals being used around the country are you staring to see the potential problem? Are you starting to wonder What's in my Water?

There is more to be concerned about than just drinking or cooking with the water. Experts have released information regarding skin absorption (see this weeks special article) and inhalation of chemicals from steam, showering, or boiling water.


If you're thinking your parents or grandparents actually drank water right from ponds, creeks and rivers, you're right they probably did, but things have changed a lot. The quality of our nations water has changed drastically over the last 100 years.

You can now order the "What's in my Water?" direct from the author.

What's in my Water? is one of the best selling books of its type in the industry. What's in my Water? has also been used for training water quality representatives by some of the largest water filtration companies in the country.

What you will learn in the What’s in my Water? Book
  • Learn if and how you should get your water tested.
  • Learn the 8 ways dangerous contaminants are entering our water supplies.
  • Learn what the EPA has determined to be the most common contaminants in drinking water.
  • Learn what a government agency and others are now stating about skin absorption and inhalation of chemicals and contaminants.
  • Learn the dangers that could lurk in private wells.
  • Learn the truth about water filtration systems and how to save hundreds even thousands of dollars.
  • Learn the truth about bottled water labeling, Learn what's really better, filtered tap water in bottled water or natural spring water.
  • Learn how to get access to your community's public water report.

Learn what the American Journal of Public Health, The Center for Disease Control (CDC), The College of Sports Medicine, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others have concluded on the quality and potential hazards of our drinking water.

The book is currently sold out and I am in the process of updating the book. This process is almost as tedious, expensive and time consuming as researching and compiling the initial book itself. I appreciate your patience during this process.


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