What's in my Water?


The EPA reported 8,522 Violations for Health-Based Standards by water supply companies in the United States in One Year.


 The EPA says a Health-Based Violation means either a water supply system has EXPOSED their users to what they have judged as an UNREASONABLE RISK OF ILLNESS... OR.....


 the water supply system has failed to treat their water to the extent the EPA has judged necessary to protect their users from an unreasonable risk of illness if regulated contaminants are in source water.

The EPA also reported 17,519 Water Supply Systems in the U.S. were in Violation for failure to “monitor” or “submit” a report on contaminants in their water in one year.

Consider that for a minute 17,519 water supply systems DID NOT even conduct testing to determine if there were any contaminants in their water that could lead to Health-Based violations OR they did the testing and decided NOT to submit their test results. Do you wonder why?

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What's in my Water?